Senior Partner:

Mr. Khalid Anwer (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan)

Mr. Khalid Anwer, Barrister-at-law, holds degrees in economics and law and is a graduate of St. John's College, University of Cambridge.

Mr. Khalid Anwer started his legal career in 1962 and rose to prominence quickly. He became a partner at A. K. Brohi & Co. (as the firm was previously known) with Late Mr. A. K. Brohi who was a leading lawyer of his time and one of the greatest lawyers in the history of Pakistan.

Mr. Khalid Anwer has been involved in several landmark constitutional and commercial cases. Mr. Anwer appeared for ex-Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif to successfully challenge the dismissal of his government by the then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan. He thereafter appeared on behalf of the President of Pakistan to successfully defend the dismissal of the second government of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. He was also engaged to challenge the military takeover by the then Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf. He persuaded the Supreme Court to lay down a road map for the restoration of democracy and a three year time limit for holding fresh elections. Furthermore, there is a plethora of landmark reported commercial decisions in which Mr. Anwer has successfully represented clients in the Supreme Court or the High Courts.

Mr. Anwer appears regularly before the Superior Courts in various high-profile constitutional, commercial and civil matters.

Senior Counsel:

Mr. Syed Afsar Ali Abidi (Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan)

Mr. Abidi started his legal career in 1962. He has appeared regularly before the Superior Courts of Pakistan in his career which spans over five decades. He appears in arbitration, banking and civil law matters. In particular, he has an extraordinary command over civil law and procedure.

Mr. Abidi is a life-member of the Supreme Court Bar Association.


Mr. Raashid Anwer (Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan)

Mr. Raashid Anwer is the Managing Partner of the firm.He has graduated from Cornell University and his experience of appearing before the Superior Courts of Pakistan spans almost a decade and a half. He deals, inter alia, in civil, commercial, constitutional, tax, labour and employment matters. Mr. Raashid Anwer has, inter alia, appeared before the Superior Courts in the following high-profile matters:

(a) He appeared for Allied Bank Limited before the Sindh High Court and was able to persuade the Hon’ble Court to execute a Judgment / Decree in favour of the Bank for an amount of Rs. 2.4 Billion by ordering the sale of the assets of the Judgment-Debtor. This, in monetary terms, is, quite probably, the largest judgment ever given in favour of a financial institution by the Sindh High Court.

(b) He is currently representing several of the leading cement manufacturing companies (including Lucky Cement and D.G. Khan Cement which are the two largest cement manufacturers in Pakistan) before the Lahore High Court against the decision of the Competition Commission of Pakistan to impose a fine of over Rs. 3 Billion against some of our clients.

(c) He appeared on behalf of the downstream value added textile sector in Writ Petitions filed before the Lahore High Court by the exporters of cotton yarn against the quotas imposed by the Government of Pakistan on the export of cotton yarn and successfully persuaded the High Court to uphold the restrictions imposed by the Government.

(d) He is also appearing for a leading foreign steel company (i.e. Al-Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited) which is setting up a $200 Million steel project in relation to a writ petition filed by the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation in which they have sought to restrain the Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation from supplying 180 MW of electricity to our client (who will then become the single largest electricity consumer in the entire country).

(e) He is currently representing the National Industrial Parks Development and Management Company as well as its parent institution the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) in three very hotly contested suits in the Sindh High Court. The cases involve title to a very large piece of land situated right at the entrance of the planned Industrial Park located in Korangi, Karachi. It may be noted that the total estimated cost of developing this Industrial Park is approximately Three Billion Rupees.

Mr. Raashid Anwer has, inter alia, been involved in the following advisory/ transactional work as well:

(a) He has advised clients on a wide range of corporate issues including privatisation projects, joint venture agreements, mergers/acquisitions and other complex commercial transactions as well. Clients whom he has advised and/or represented in Court (on behalf of our Firm) include Procter and Gamble, Gillette, Schlumberger, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Novartis, EMC, AIG/New Hampshire Insurance Company, the State Bank of Pakistan, the Karachi Stock Exchange, the Central Depository Company, three out of the five largest Pakistani commercial banks (National Bank, MCB Bank and Allied Bank), the three largest textile groups in Pakistan (Nishat Mills, Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, Sapphire Textile Mills), the two largest cement companies in Pakistan (Lucky Cement and D.G. Khan Cement), PTCL and the two major players in the cellular phone market (Mobilink and Ufone). He has also advised clients in relation to various aspects of project finance and/or restructuring including (but not limited to) representing the Lender of Davis Powergen Ltd. which is an IPP being set up in Jhang, Punjab.

(b) He has also advised clients in relation to various aspects of project finance and/or restructuring including representing the Lenders of Davis Powergen Ltd. which is an IPP being set up in Jhang, Punjab as well as advising the acquirers of the two AES power plants in Pakistan.

(c) He had earlier advised the purchasers of AES Pak-Gen Ltd well.

(d) He has advised the Dewan Group in its negotiations with the Steering Committee set up by the State Bank to deal with the largest bank default in Pakistan’s history.

(e) He has advised on the merger of the Asset Management Companies of MCB Bank and Arif Habib Investments, and the corporate restructuring (involving both mergers as well as demergers) of a number of large corporate groups including the Sapphire Group and the IBL Group.

(f) He has also advised the Government of Pakistan (as well as several trade associations) in relation to international trade issues vis a vis the European Union. In 2005, he was requested to accompany (and brief) the Pakistani Prime Minister prior to his negotiations in Brussels for accession to the European Union’s Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) scheme. In addition, he has also been asked to make presentations at several bilateral meetings between the Government of Pakistan and the British Department of Trade & Industry as well the Italian Trade Ministry.

(g) He has also successfully represented the largest Pakistani exporters in Anti-Dumping cases initiated by the European Commission in relation to Bed-linen, P.E.T. and Ethyl-Alcohol.

(h) He has also represented Pakistani exporters in relation to safeguard measures sought to be imposed by the Turkish Government in relation to the import of fabrics and garments.

(i) He developed (on a pro bono basis) the basic proposals for the Ministry of Law, Government of Pakistan for submission to the Asian Development Bank for reforms to the judicial sector under the Access to Justice Program.

(j) He also frequently advise on an on-going basis both the Karachi Stock Exchange and the Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC) on various regulatory issues both with their own regulator (i.e. the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) as well as with their regulatees (i.e. stock brokers and Issuers/participants in the Central Depository System).

Mr. Yousuf Nasim (Advocate, High Courts of Pakistan)

Yousuf Nasim appears regularly before the Superior Courts of Pakistan and also frequently advises clients with regards to disputes, regulatory issues, company law and shareholders’ rights, mergers & acquisitions, taxes and other levies, competition law, banking law, international trade, engineering and construction contracts, transactions, public procurement, and claims for wrongful death.

Some of the clients he has advised or represented in the past on critical matters include Sapphire Group, Jaffer Brothers, MCB Bank, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble Pakistan, K-Electric, Sui Southern Gas Company, Indus Motor Company, Insurance Association of Pakistan, and the Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan, to name a few.

He completed his primary schooling at the Karachi Grammar School in 2003. He obtained his HBA from the University of Toronto in History, Political Science and Philosophy in 2007. He received his LL.B. and LLM (Commercial Law) from the University of London in 2009 and 2011 respectively. He joined the firm in 2010 and has been a partner since 2015.

Mr. Jawad Qureshi (Advocate, High Courts of Pakistan)
Mr. Syed Mustafa Ali (Advocate, High Courts of Pakistan)



Mr. Kunwar Majid Ali Khan
Mr. Salman Asghar Shaikh

Mr. Salman is an Advocate of the High Courts of Pakistan and appears regularly before the High Court of Sindh at Karachi in matters ranging from Civil law, Commercial law, Constitutional law, Banking law, Corporate law, Taxation, Property law, Labour and Employment matters. He regularly appears before various Commissions/ Tribunals, inter alia, Inland Revenue, Customs Tribunal and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. He is involved in litigation as well as corporate and general legal advisory / transactional matters. He is also a retainer counsel of some of the renowned corporate groups / companies of Pakistan.

Mr. Salman is a Barrister of Lincoln’s Inn and has attended the University of Law (United Kingdom). He completed both his LL.B (Hons.) and LL.M (International Commercial Law) from Cardiff University (United Kingdom).

Mr. Salman also attended the Harvard University, where he successfully completed two short courses i.e. International Relations and International Conflict and Co- operation.

Mr. Ali Mehdi
Mr. Habib Kazi

Habib Kazi has completed his LLB (Hons) from the University of London International Programme. He regular advises clients on Banking, Commercial, Constitutional, Civil, Employment, Labour, and Taxation laws. He is also involved in corporate advisory and transactional matters including, inter alia, Legal Due Diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions, shareholders with respect to protection of their rights and he assists his Senior Counsels in the High Courts and in the Supreme Court of Pakistan by drafting pleadings.

Habib played an active role in vigorously defending the clients’ interests before the Honourable Sindh High Court which ultimately lead to a settlement between the shareholders and directors of a Company. Thereafter, he also advised them in relation to the restructuring of their Company which was eventually approved and sanctioned by the Honourable Sindh High Court.

Furthermore, he has actively participated in litigation pertaining to recovery of loans worth Billions of Rupees for various Banks which includes, inter alia, National Bank of Pakistan and Allied Bank of Pakistan.

Prior to joining the firm, he worked in the legal department of a leading multinational pharmaceutical company, wherein, he regularly advised them in commercial and regulatory matters.

Mr. Fawad Baluch

Fawad joined the firm as an Associate in 2014 after graduating with an LLB (Hons) from the University of London International Programme. He regular advises clients on Banking, Commercial, Constitutional, Civil, Competition, Drugs/Pharmaceutical, Employment, Power/Energy, Labour, and Taxation laws. He is also involved in corporate advisory and transactional matters including, inter alia, Legal Due Diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Project Finance. He assists Senior Counsel in the High Courts and in the Supreme Court of Pakistan by conducting legal research and drafting pleadings.

Prior to joining the firm he undertook internships at two leading corporate law firms as well as in the legal department of a multinational company. He has been appointed an Alumni Ambassador for Undergraduate Laws by the University of London. He contributes articles on political issues and international affairs to leading English newspaper.

Mr. Waqar Ali Baloch

Mr. Waqar Ali Baloch’s main area of practice is in litigation and dispute resolution. He assists the partners on various contentious matters, in diverse legal areas of practice, which include (but are not limited to) banking, civil, commercial, constitutional, customs, arbitration, company, labour laws etc. He also works on various non-contentious matters, including advisory work, legal opinions, legal drafting, regulatory matters etc.

Mr. Waqar is a Barrister-at-law and a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. He was called to the Bar in 2014, having completed his BPTC with an ‘Outstanding’, for which he also received the Buchanan Award from Lincoln’s Inn. He graduated with L.L.B (Hons.) from the University of London International Programmes, in 2013.

He is enrolled with the Sindh Bar Council and a member of the Karachi Bar Association.

Mr. Saif Ali Akber
Mr. M. H. Javaid

Court Clerk:

Mr. M Yaqoob


News Update

The firm is currently representing nine Independent Power Producers i.e. Hub Power Company, Nishat Power, Sapphire Electric Power, Atlas Power, Orient Power, Saif Power, Halmore Power Generation, Liberty Power Tech, and Nishat Chunian Power in the Supreme Court in Petitions filed against the non-payment by the NTDC of their outstanding dues amounting to over Rs. 70 Billion.

The firm is also representing four mobile operators namely, Warid Telecom, Telenor Pakistan, Pakistan Telecom Mobile (Ufone) and CM Pak (Zong) in petitions filed before the Islamabad High Court challenging the constitutionality of the demand for Federal Excise Duty on telecom services in excess of Rs. 47 Billion. The firm has successfully obtained interim relief against various show cause notices and demands issued by the FBR / LTU.

The firm is advising JS Bank in relation to the proposed amalgamation/ acquisition of HSBC Middle East (Pakistani Operations).

Khalid Anwer & Co has been ranked as a top tier firm for dispute resolution by the Legal 500 (2013).

The firm has been engaged, inter alia, by Lucky Textile Mills (Pvt.) Limited and Continental Biscuits Limited to challenge the vires of the Gas Infrastructure Development Cess Act, 2011 and the recovery of cess in terms thereof. The firm successfully obtained ad-interim orders (which were subsequently confirmed) against the recovery of the said cess.

The firm has been engaged by Pakarab Fertilizers Limited (jointly owned by the Arif Habib Group and the Fatima Group) in relation to its dispute with Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited for the sale of the shares of DH Fertilizers Limited. The firm has successfully obtained ad-interim relief from the Sindh High Court against the sale of the shares of DH Fertilizers Limited by Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited to any third-party.

The firm is currently advising a foreign investor interested in purchasing a major stake in the power sector in Pakistan.

The firm recently advised two IPPs in relation to a major equity investment by a Singapore based fund.

The firm is currently advising an IPP in relation to its negotiations with IFC for the injection of equity and financing of debt.

The firm has been engaged by Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Limited to file appeals before the Supreme Court to challenge the initiation of audit proceedings (both income tax and federal excise duty) by FBR which were upheld by the IHC.

The firm has been engaged by a group of companies in the ship-breaking industry to challenge the retrospective application, by the Collector of Customs of a Statutory Regulatory Order, through which the FBR enhanced the witholding income tax by 400% on the import of shipping vessels. The firm has successfully obtained ad-interim orders and restrained the Collector from interpreting and applying the SRO retrospectively and collecting the enhanced amount of tax.

The firm is representing M/s Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited & M/s Deutsche Bank in relation to the demand raised by the FBR on account of FED on Banking Services in the Province of Sindh. The firm has successfully obtained ad-interim orders from the Sindh High Court in relation to the same.

The firm has been recently engaged by Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd, the largest manufacturer of fertilizers in Pakistan, to challenge an order of the Competition Commission of Pakistan whereby a significant penalty has been imposed on the Company.

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